“After a long journey”, I growl under my breathe Everyone looks at me with morbid faces I imprison my teeth in my mouth, enough talking It seems like we are going somewhere but nowhere We have walk… Source: Horror(the dream)




Behind my smile is a hurting heart
Behind my life I’m falling apart
Look closely at me and you will see
The person I am isn’t me

I try hard not to remember
And remove all memories
But never!
They won’t scratch away

The real me is me
But nobody understands nor believes
If I showed them the real me
I smile because I know I have a lot
To erase and go on with life

God I really praise and thank you
I don’t know how I would have been
Without you oh Lord
Whenever I think of your grace
Crystalline tears well up my face and drown me back to my memories

My memories of my life
My memories of who I was and am now
And realize how weird but unique I am
Just because of what I am carrying
That’s you Oh Jehovah

My memories of who I am
My memories of who I was but nobody knows
My memories which I wish to share on day with the world
My memories of my life
And of course I believe one day i am going to change people’s lives
Because of my memories

My memories of who I was
I smile, but true pain lies inside
With no one to see except you God
And you will always be my comforter

But the truth to the world
Which one day I will release
The person I am isn’t me!!!!